Collaborative combat and autonomous robotics

In December 2017, French defense procurement agency DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) announced a contract award to Safran Electronics & Defense and partner Effidence for FURIOUS, a major science & technology project concerning the development of land robotics capabilities over the next five years.


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FURIOUS project


Part of the SCORPION Stage 2 modernization program, the FURIOUS project will pave the way for the gradual introduction of robotics within armed forces. The concrete aim is to develop three robot demonstrators, with different sizes and missions – eRider, Vicking and Jaguar – along with a drone demonstrator, all to be deployed in an infantry platoon. The end goal is to conduct a full-scale evaluation of the operational benefits of this type of system, by examining a multitude of scenarios and configurations. Safran Electronics & Defense has put together a "Team France" for this project, comprising the top French robotics labs (Mines Paristech, Loria, Institut Pascal, CREC de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, Paris Dauphine, LAAS, IRSTEA) and a group of agile and complementary partners from industry (Effidence, Technical Studio, Squadrone, Kompaï robotics, Sominex, 4D virtualiz).

The eRider is one of the three robotic systems to be developed through FURIOUS. This drivable tactical vehicle offers partial or total autonomy and is fully configurable. In autonomous mode, it provides support for a range of missions: logistics, convoys, perimeter protection, intelligence, and reconnaissance in urban zones.

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