Seekers & Missiles for artillery

Seekers are essential to your missiles' effectiveness and make it possible to acquire and track ground and air targets. Thanks to the technology it has perfected, (thermal imaging cameras, infrared imaging, platform stabilization, high precision inertial navigation, etc.), Safran Electronics & Defense provides missile launchers not only with images obtained from the cameras at the firing station, but also those transmitted from the missile's seeker. These devices meet the new demands of your forces in the field, particularly in terms of flexibility (fire-and-forget, in-flight reassignment of the missile by the launcher in "human-in-the-loop" mode, seeker lock-on after launch and battle damage assessment) and provide greater sensitivity (target / decoy discrimination).


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The MISTRAL seeker has been designed to fulfil the specific requirements of modern ground to air missiles and is now in service within the French Armed Forces and in about twenty foreign countries.
It provides high detection probability of air threats such as fighters and helicopters, and efficient infrared countermeasures rejection.

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