Target acquisition systems for artillery

To meet the target designation needs of ground forces, Safran Electronics & Defense offers several families of modular, compact, and lightweight artillery pointers. Sterna is a ground-breaking target acquisition solution, with neither magnetic compass nor GPS. It is fitted with an inertial sensor patented by Safran. The range of GonioLight pointers, used by a number of NATO forces (United Kingdom, Germany, etc.), comes in several versions that are adapted to your operational profile. Finally, the fully autonomous SIGMA 30 aiming station presents long-range artillery systems with the capacity for very precise firing free from GPS.


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JFSS: Joint fire Support systems

The Joint Fires Support Systems is a family of tactical systems that combines modular architecture and advanced digital capabilities to provide the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability for units on the ground. Its minimized set-up time & its user friendly interface allows to gain a precious time for operational by reducing the sensor-to-shooter chain.
Safran's solution address mainly JTACs & Forward Observers. 

JOINT FIRES SUPPORT SYSTEM: Achieve tactical success
STERNA™: non-magnetic, precision target location system

Compact and lightweight, Sterna is the first fully man portable target location solution offering 24/7 reliable and accurate determination of true north, without a magnetic compass or GPS receiver. It helps Close Air Support, Forward Observers, Forward Air Controllers, Joint Tactical Air Controllers accurately locate ground targets and designate them for land and air supports. Marking a breakthrough over existing technologies, Sterna features a patented North Seeker from Safran Electronics & Defense. Depending on the mission profile, users can select today from 3 mission-ready Sterna system solutions providing independent north finding, eye-safe long distance laser range finding, brilliant day view optics plus the required night view capabilities.

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Designed for dismounted forward observers and forward air controllers, the GonioLight is a lightweight observation system station, based on portable tripods, providing horizontal and vertical angle measurements and orientation information in standalone mode. Instantaneously operational, they require neither pre-aligning nor pre-heating. The measured distance, azimuth and elevation are displayed on the graphical LCD, converted into target grid coordinates, stored and forwarded efficiently. Four standard versions are available:

  • GonioLight V (with VECTOR)
  • GonioLight G-V (with VECTOR and Gyroscope)
  • GonioLight TI (with VECTOR and JIM LR)
  • GonioLight G-TI (with VECTOR, JIM LR and Gyroscope)

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PASEO: Advanced sighting system for long range observation and targeting

Relying on its unique expertise in inertial and infrared technologies, Safran Electronics & Defense designed PASEO, the latest-generation of advanced panoramic sight to improve the survivability and fighting capabilities for armored vehicles. Highly versatile, PASEO is perfectly suited to 30-125 mm Gunner and Commander's applications as well as Forward Observation Artillery. Effective day and night, PASEO provides unique features to increase the situation awareness for armored and surveillance vehicles.

PASEO: Advanced sighting system for long range observation and targeting
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