Optronics for firing stations

For precision missile firing, both day and night, Safran Electronics & Defense has designed MP Sights and MILIS thermal cameras. MP Sights can further meet your needs by integrating a portable anti-tank or anti-aircraft weapons system. It is adaptable to your surrounding environment, including modern environments.

The reliable and modular CM3 MR and CM3 LR cameras allow you to view the target without being blinded by gun flames. Designed for large caliber firing, they are available in several configurations, thermal or multi-function camera (thermal, day vision, laser rangefinder), with all the advantages of portable optronics: battery-operated, restitution and lightweight, providing autonomy and mobility for light applications.


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Thanks to its cooled thermal imager, CM3 LR is a lightweight high-performance integrated solution for advanced land and naval applications.
CM3 LR enhances observation and firing capabilities through image fusion and stabilization, ultra wide FOV, continuous motionless zooming capability and ballistic computer.
CM3 LR is designed for remote weapon stations, direct fire for Armoured Fighting Vehicles and howitzers, as well as observation systems.

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