Navigation & Pointing for artillery

Safran Electronics & Defense's navigation, pointing and localization systems are designed for weapons systems. They are intended for new equipment programs and the modernization of artillery units. Based on gyrolaser technology, this reliable, easy-to-use stand-alone equipment is operational in the harshest of conditions. SIGMA 30 inertial navigation systems for the latest-generation artillery systems provide high-performance, highly accurate and ultra-secure pointing. ULISS 30XP is a support tool for armed forces and land weapons systemsdeployment in an unplanned geographic environment. It has been developed for pointing artillery pieces and conducting the most demanding topographic missions.

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The Sigma 30 INS is the worldwide reference today for latest-generation artillery systems. It meets the demands of these systems perfectly, from ultra secure high-precision aiming, decametric-class localization without GPS and resistance to extreme shock levels. The major international prime contractors – especially European, Indian and Asian ones – have placed their trust in the Sigma 30.
The Sigma 30 system is used in more than 25 international programs for towed and tracked howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and mortars: Nexter's Caesar, BAE Bofors' Archer, Thales' 2R2M etc. 

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