Firing precision and effectiveness are the main objectives of land-based armed forces. High-performance and "combat-proven", Safran Electronics & Defense's artillery solutions satisfy all your operational needs on the ground: navigation and localization, observation, pointing, firing control, missile guidance. They equip the armies in around twenty countries.

Based on gyrolaser technology, the navigation and localization systems developed by Safran Electronics & Defense provide a very high level of precision and effectiveness. The wold reference in latest-generation artillery systems, Safran's inertial navigation systems satisfy all your requirements in terms of pointing, localization and positioning.

By automating fire support management, Safran's Spider Artillery solutions improve the fire precision and safety of your artillery posts. For missile launching and direct fire, Safran offers autonomous modular thermal cameras for optimum visualization of targets.

Safran also satisfies your target designation needs with its portable pointing and target acquisition systems, GonioLight and Sterna, and its missile guidance solutions. Mistral and the future MMP of MBDA are fitted with infrared seekers, making them extremely effective.

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Sensor to shooter

The aim of the sensor-to-shooter process is to provide operational superiority by completely mastering all information in a theater of operations. The deployment of new technologies is part of a real-time operational cycle that links sensors to shooters ("effectors"), with everything united by command and coordination systems.

  • ~20,000
    FELIN soldier systems, delivered to the French army
  • 10,000+
    multifunction binoculars deployed or on order
  • 19,000
    thermal imagers delivered
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