Surveillance and detection for armored vehicles

For territory surveillance missions (border protection, critical infrastructure and sensitive site defense) Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a range of optronic solutions for very remote detection, reconnaissance and engagement of potential threats via a self-defense system. Installed on vehicles or permanent stations, in roaming or network mode, the TEOS™ and SAPS systems have imagers and high-performance optronic sensors. Designed to meet operational efficiency requirements in terms of observation range and intense use constraints, offering maximum autonomy, they feature JIM infrared binoculars, the MOST system, allowing soldiers to remain under cover or quickly remove the binoculars for dismounted use. This modular optronic mast is ideal for long day and night surveillance missions.

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SATIS XLR is a long-range, advanced cooled thermal imager, featuring powerful continuous optical zoom, a VGA detector and sophisticated image processing.
Utilizing state of the art technologies, SATIS XLR is dedicated to high-performance and longrange naval, land or airborne applications, where ultimate performance is required.
SATIS XLR features a 640 x 512 matrix detector & optional opto-mechanical μ-scan. SATIS XLR incorporates ultimate image processing such as local gain control, noise reduction & image stabilization.

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