Self-protection systems for armored vehicles

Safran Electronics & Defense provides innovative solutions for self-protection of armored vehicles, including against missile threats. WASP is a lightweight remote-controlled weapon station with day and night capabilities. Its high elevation travel makes it very effective in urban combat. Connected to a Missile Warning System for optimized performance, EIREL jammer is a SACLOS-type wire-guided missile jammer with independent aiming capability in elevation and azimuth providing a wide angular coverage.

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The DELOC self-protection system meets the operational need to detect and localize "friend" and "enemy" fire, thus optimizing protection, responsiveness and the effectiveness of decisions.

Thanks to its 360° detection in real time both stationary and while moving, the DELOC makes it possible to detect small arms fire and determine its dangerousness, indicating the position of the shooters, the firing lines and the caliber of weapons used. Its ergonomic interface increases the operator's capacity to react effectively thanks to its explicit presentation of threats.

It also makes it possible to:

  • Display information concerning the fire (friend and enemy)
  • Point the weapon on a turret and its sight automatically in the direction of the threat

The DELOC system, in both mobile and stationary modes, is perfectly adapted for:

  • Border surveillance
  • Checkpoint surveillance
  • The surveillance of infrastructures (nuclear, gas production, etc.)

EIREL, a SACLOS-type wire-guided missile jammer, paired with a missile warning detector, serves as a decoy for the missile firing post by emitting an IR signal that replaces the missile tracer. EIREL provides a broad spectrum of wavelengths and frequencies to cover a wide range of missiles. Thanks to its aiming capability in elevation and azimuth, EIREL provides vehicles a wide angular protection. 


WASP, a remotely-controlled turret for up to 7.62-mm caliber machine guns, offers an innovative day/night self-protection solution for light armored vehicles and trucks with armored cabs. Available in several versions, WASP can incorporate a range of optronics equipment: day and thermal sight SWORD T&D from the dismounted soldier equipment (FELIN program) or the CM3 multifunction camera. Combining a daytime channel, thermal channel and laser rangefinder, the CM3 camera offers higher observation capabilities to the weapon range, thus providing WASP turrets with a real surveillance function. WASP's wide elevation axis and optional acoustic sniper detection make it especially efficient in urban combat zones. 

WASP: Affordable remote control weapon station