Self-protection systems for armored vehicles

Safran Electronics & Defense provides innovative solutions for self-protection of armored vehicles, including against missile threats. WASP is a lightweight remote-controlled weapon station with day and night capabilities. Its high elevation travel makes it very effective in urban combat. Connected to a Missile Warning System for optimized performance, EIREL jammer is a SACLOS-type wire-guided missile jammer with independent aiming capability in elevation and azimuth providing a wide angular coverage.


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EIREL, a SACLOS-type wire-guided missile jammer, paired with a missile warning detector, serves as a decoy for the missile firing post by emitting an IR signal that replaces the missile tracer. EIREL provides a broad spectrum of wavelengths and frequencies to cover a wide range of missiles. Thanks to its aiming capability in elevation and azimuth, EIREL provides vehicles a wide angular protection. 


WASP, a remotely-controlled turret for up to 7.62-mm caliber machine guns, offers an innovative day/night self-protection solution for light armored vehicles and trucks with armored cabs. Available in several versions, WASP can incorporate a range of optronics equipment: day and thermal sight SWORD T&D from the dismounted soldier equipment (FELIN program) or the CM3 multifunction camera. Combining a daytime channel, thermal channel and laser rangefinder, the CM3 camera offers higher observation capabilities to the weapon range, thus providing WASP turrets with a real surveillance function. WASP's wide elevation axis and optional acoustic sniper detection make it especially efficient in urban combat zones. 

WASP: Affordable remote control weapon station
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