Onboard optronics for armored vehicles

For observation and fire control missions, Safran Electronics & Defense has a full range of onboard optronic devices for armored vehicles. Deployed in many theaters, this equipment uses cutting-edge technology for excellent performance/cost ratios. The multi-function and thermal ranges, MATIS (SP, STD, LR) and CM3 (MR, LR) incorporate extra sensors as needed. IRIS TGS and SATIS GS high-performance cameras are designed for critical missions, for sophisticated combat platforms like long-range observation systems, rocket-launcher turrets or aerial defense systems.

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SATIS XLR is a long-range, advanced thermal imager, featuring powerful continuous optical zoom, a large format detector and sophisticated image processing.
Utilizing the best of technology, SATIS XLR is dedicated to high-performance and longrange naval, land or airborne applications, where ultimate performance is required.
SATIS XLR features a 6 4 0 x 512 matrix detec tor & optional opto-mechanical μ-scan. SATIS XLR incorporates ultimate image processing such as local gain control, noise reduction & image stabilization.

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