Onboard optronics for armored vehicles

For observation and fire control missions, Safran Electronics & Defense has a full range of onboard optronic devices for armored vehicles. Deployed in many theaters, this equipment uses cutting-edge technology for excellent performance/cost ratios. The multi-function and thermal ranges, MATIS (SP, STD, LR) and CM3 (MR, LR) incorporate extra sensors as needed. IRIS TGS and SATIS GS high-performance cameras are designed for critical missions, for sophisticated combat platforms like long-range observation systems, rocket-launcher turrets or aerial defense systems.

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Lukeos, vehicle driving aid and local vision. A multi-sensor system with uncooled infrared detectors, Lukeos gives drivers high-quality panoramic vision, and gives the crew an image of their immediate surroundings, to ensure self defense day or night, even in bad weather.
The system's design also means that it satisfies the "see and avoid" function for helicopters and drones, while providing navigation aid and protection for merchant ships.

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