Navigation systems for armored vehicles

Battlefield digitization requires better orientation and positioning capacities on armored vehicles. Safran Electronics & Defense offers solutions dedicated to observation and engagement on tanks and operational vehicles. Highly versatile, Sigma products are very easy to use and maintain. Epsilon10, the latest-generation terrestrial navigator based on Safran's patented vibrating gyro technology, allows armored vehicles in digitized environments to inform command/control systems, geolocalizing targets and friend positions. With no moving parts, its inertial sensor is highly robust and reliable.


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With the Epsilon family, Safran offers long lasting navigation performance INS*/GNSS* hybrid land navigation systems. Even in GNSS denied environment, Epsilon™ provides accurate position and heading for hours. Highly reliable and fully interchangeable, EpsilonOne and Epsilon10 offer the most cost-effective and ultra-compact navigation solutions for any generic vehicle platforms.
Epsilon™ family can also be integrated with small caliber guns like RCWS (Remote controlled Weapon Stations) to provide precision pointing for tactical missions.

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