Navigation systems for armored vehicles

Battlefield digitization requires better orientation and positioning capacities on armored vehicles. Safran Electronics & Defense offers solutions dedicated to observation and engagement on tanks and operational vehicles. Highly versatile, Sigma products are very easy to use and maintain. Epsilon10, the latest-generation terrestrial navigator based on Safran's patented vibrating gyro technology, allows armored vehicles in digitized environments to inform command/control systems, geolocalizing targets and friend positions. With no moving parts, its inertial sensor is highly robust and reliable.

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Sigma 30

The Sigma 30 INS is the worldwide reference today for latest-generation artillery systems. It meets the demands of these systems perfectly, from ultra secure high-precision aiming, decametric-class localization without GPS and resistance to extreme shock levels. The major international prime contractors – especially European, Indian and Asian ones – have placed their trust in the Sigma 30. The Sigma 30 system is used in more than 25 international programs for towed and tracked howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and mortars: Nexter's Caesar, BAE Bofors' Archer, Thales' 2R2M etc. .

Sigma 20: Tactical land navigation & pointing system

Sigma 20 is an innovative and high performance land navigation unit providing accurate position and attitudes even in case of GPS outage. Thanks to its advanced HRG (Hemispheric Resonator Gyros) and its innovative alignment method, Sigma 20 achieves a breakthrough in providing accurate data quicker than any other inertial navigation system.
Easily integrated in any vehicle of a digital battlefield, Sigma 20 has a straightforward design for mobile systems such as:

  • Main Battle Tanks
  • Air-Defense Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Recce vehicles

With a proven outstanding reliability, Sigma 20 is the most cost effective navigation and aiming solution in the world.

Epsilon One&10: Inertial land navigation & orientation units

Thanks to its advanced vibrating gyros and its dual mode navigation functions available in the display unit, Epsilon systems provide advanced navigation capabilities and modular services.
Plug and play, EpsilonOne and Epsilon10 improve operational availability of systems such as:

  • Exploration vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles

Highly reliable and fully interchangeable, EpsilonOne and Epsilon10 offer the most cost-effective navigation solutions for any generic vehicle platforms.

Rate Gyro Unit 10 20 & 30MS56 series

Safran Electronics & Defense, due to its expertise covering all gyro's technologies (vibrating gyros, wheeled mechanical gyros, optical fibre and laser gyros) is able to propose the right technology for the best compromise between cost and accuracy required for each stabilisation requirement.
These units are equipped with a rugged single axis solid state vibrating rate gyro, which takes benefits of the 60 years of Safran Electronics & Defense experience in inertial systems.
The MS56 series is particularly designed for applications which need to combine very low signal noise and low cost, such as RCWS (Remote controlled weapon station), feed forward gyro for turret stabilization as well as commander sights. 

Rate Gyro Unit 20BM60 & 20BM0060 series

Among the wide pannel of inertial sensors designed and manufactured by Safran Electronics & Defense, a dynamically tuned gyroscope has been selected in order to offer to the user the best compromise between accuracy required for stabilization purposes, robustness, reliability, and price. The 20BM60 unit box also includes a DC/DC converter and filters fully compliant with Mil Std 461 and Mil Std 1275.
20BM0060 is composed of the gyro and its associated servo-loop board, to be directly integrated into the customer system (sights, RCWS, etc.).

  • fire control systems
  • tactical training simulators
  • sights, optical and infrared line of sight stabilization
  • land turret stabilization
  • RCWS (Remote controlled weapon station)
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