Fire control systems for armored vehicles

Safran Electronics & Defense's fire control systems for armored vehicles are operational on all terrain and in all conditions (day/night, stationary/on the move). PASEO and MPS sights dedicated to Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks combine the advantage of panoramic aiming capability for independent surveillance of the battlefield and accuracy of positioning and embedded ballistic computer for high performance firing efficiency in the most demanding battlefield conditions. CM3 as a compact integrated optronic sights is dedicated for Light Armoured Vehicles. Combined with EPS all-electric Gun Control System and dedicated set of sensors, Safran offers a unique tailored Fire Control System solution for various applications.

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CM3 MR: Uncooled Integrated Sensors Sight

Thanks to its uncooled thermal imager, CM3 MR provides an affordable, silent and reliable solution for land and naval applications.
CM3 MR enhances observation and firing capabilities through image fusion and stabilization, ultra wide FOV, continuous motionless zooming capability and ballistic computer.
CM3 MR is designed for remote weapon stations, direct fire for Armoured Fighting Vehicles and howitzers, as well as surveillance systems.

CM3 MR: medium-range compact military 3-sensor sight
MPS LR: Full panoramic day/night stabilized sight

Compact and lightweight, the MPS full panoramic stabilized sight provides a true day and night situation awareness acquisition, target designation and high efficiency engagement to armored vehicles (upgrade or new vehicle programs).
Made up of an electronic unit and a independently stabilized head to support the optronics payload, MPS is a versatile, modular and scalable equipment. Depending on the mission and customers' requisites, the payload is customized (e.g. uncooled or cooled thermal imager, laser range finder, laser pointer, etc.).
Thanks to its day/thermal image fusion capability, MPS improves target detection and acquisition during observation phases.

Paseo: Modular advanced stabilized sight

Relying on its unique expertise in inertial and infrared technologies, Safran Electronics & Defense designed PASEO, the latest-generation of advanced panoramic sight to improve the survivability and fighting capabilities of the Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) and Main Battle Tanks (MBT). Highly versatile, PASEO is perfectly suited to 30-125 mm Gunner and Commander's applications as well as Forward Observation Artillery. Effective day and night, it provides a true "fire-on-the-move" capability, with a high firstround hit probability, whether on static or moving targets.
Designed to meet the various requirements of modern warfare, symmetric and asymmetric, PASEO provides unique features to increase the situation awareness for armored and surveillance vehicles.

SAVAN 11: Gunner’s Sight for Infantry Combat Vehicles

Effective day and night, SAVAN 11 offers high aiming accuracy and automatic acquisition of target parameters (distance, angular position, relative speed) to calculate lead angles. Its independently stabilized 2-axis line of sight guarantees optimal operation while stationary or on the move (for all terrains). SAVAN 11 provides as well a Fire Control Computer facility and the aiming orders to the weaponery. Fully equipped with video electronics and easy to integrate, SAVAN11, featuring a daytime channel, CCD camera and thermal imager, ensures absolute protection of operators faced with optronic threats in the battlefield. 


Effective day and night, SAVAN 15 offers a high aiming accuracy, an automatic acquisition of target parameters (distance, angular position, relative speed) and computation of lead angles. Its high-performance, independently stabilized 2-axis line of sight guarantees optimal operation while stationary or on the move (over all terrains) as well as total absence of de-aiming during observation phases or firing sequences. In addition to the embedded optronic sensors, SAVAN 15 features also a dynamic attitude unit (roll and pitch) and automatic measurement of boresighting variations.. Thanks to additional inertial sensors for weapon aiming and stabilisation, SAVAN 15 provides a Fire Control System suite for Main Battle Tanks.

Savan 15: Fire control system Gunner’s primary sight
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