Air-land battle space digitization

Safran Electronics & Defense offers digitization and networking solutions for sensors and effectors for infantry and artillery platforms. This digitization improves "sensor to shooter" decision loops by removing ambiguity and improving accuracy, from target designation to collaborative processing of the target.

The digitization solutions offered by Safran Electronics & Defense allow accurate target designation by merging the data received from the optronic and inertial sensors. Gathering and processing of the target designations by the combat information systems offered by Safran allow unambiguous construction of the tactical situation that is interoperable with existing BMS.

The graphical interfaces and decision support tools improve operator efficiency in decisions and orientation.

The Safran combat management digital systems ensure orders are sent securely and on time for optimum synchronization of movements or fire between remote infantry or artillery platforms.

 As the manufacturer of its own equipment, Safran guarantees end-to-end performance from the sensor through to effector guidance.

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Sensor to shooter

The aim of the sensor-to-shooter process is to provide operational superiority by completely mastering all information in a theater of operations. The deployment of new technologies is part of a real-time operational cycle that links sensors to shooters ("effectors"), with everything united by command and coordination systems.

  • ~20,000
    FELIN soldier systems, delivered to the French army
  • 10,000+
    multifunction binoculars deployed or on order
  • 19,000
    thermal imagers delivered
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