SPIDER Vehicle

The combat vehicle digitization solutions connect the different onboard sensor with the "SPIDER BOX". The SPIDER BOX processes the data from the sensors and provides the crew with extended capacities: anti-fratricide, combat identification, automated response, local tactical situation, 360° video reconstitution.


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Modular digital architecture


SPIDER vehicle digitization ensures optimum collaboration of the onboard sensors by networking through a processor-router: SPIDER BOX.

The SPIDER BOX provides extended observation, target designation, combat identification and return fire capacity.

The Safran Electronics & Defense SPIDER offer includes equipment designed by Safran and natively compatible with the SPIDER BOX and its processing algorithms for improved efficiency of the extended capacities: sights, turret, soldier information system, infantry radio.



  • IMX6 processor
  • DDS compatible
  • 13 "Power/Ethernet" ports
  • Digital intercom
  • Interfaces for tactical radio
  • 2 serial & USB ports
  • Dimensions 220x120x250 


  • 5.56mm & 7.62mm
  • Elevation -40°/+80°
  • Rotation nx360°
  • CCD color day camera & uncooled thermal imager
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