SPIDER Fire Support

Guaranteeing the safety and accuracy of supporting fire is a key expectation that is a constant concern for combat units. With its Storm system solutions, now integrated into the Spider battlefield digitization suite, Safran Electronics & Defense offers a choice of solutions to improve firing safety, accuracy and efficiency.


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Three solutions adapted to your needs


For better ergonomics and easy deployment, Storm is available in three solutions for the infantry and artillery.

  • Storm FMS (Fire Management System), a complete fire management chain, from target acquisition through to firing.
  • Storm WMS (Weapon Management System), a modernization kit transforming any gun into a modern fire unit.
  • Storm FCC (Fire Control Computer), a light, autonomous fire computer.

Twenty countries have chosen Safran Electronics & Defense to digitize their guns and mortar platoons.


Storm FMS has:

  • target acquisition means (JIM/Vector), orientation and true north finders (GonioLight, Sterna) for Forward Observers
  • projectable fire coordination system, communication network, fire distribution algorithms and ballistic calculation
  • on fire position, inertial equipment for weapons systems orientation, gun monitoring

Storm WMS for towed or self-propelled guns with:

  • gun maneuvering, firing and logistics management
  • navigation and aiming of artillery pieces using the SIGMA inertial system for quick set-up
  • control of weapon system sensors
  • interface with the command system

Storm FCC light, ergonomic autonomous fire computer uses fire distribution algorithms and ballistics calculations

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