Land Defense

In operation, armed forces need equipment offering the highest possible level of precision and effectiveness. With its solutions for land defense, Safran Electronics & Defense gives you the full benefit of its operational experience and answers all your needs during your missions: tactical support, information, navigation, orientation, detection, fire control and protection.

The solutions developed by Safran Electronics & Defense in terms of land defense increase the operational performances of your units on the ground.

  • For the artillery, Safran develops innovative systems adapted to your need for accuracy: navigation and localization, observation, pointing, fire control, missile guidance.
  • For soldiers, Safran offers infantry solutions improving the effectiveness and protection of your troops: FELIN infantry system, portable optronic equipment, orientation and target acquisition systems.
  • For tanks and vehicles, Safran produces a complete range of solutions for navigation, observation, detection, self-protection and engagement.
  • For tactical support, Safran designs information systems optimizing data exchanges between your units. Its easy-to-use tactical UAV systems also answer your surveillance, area protection and target designation needs.

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