JIM Compact: 2 Kg of Unmatched capabilities

  • 24/7 Observation &
    target location

  • See-Spot

  • Multimedia & connectivity

Discover a new member of the JIM Family

JIM Compact

Based on the success of the JIM LR and a continuous improvement approach, Safran has developed the JIM Compact - a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system that provides operators with top-end situational awareness and advanced connectivity in the field.


Key Capabilities

Fully-integrated and less than 2 kg. (4.4 lbs.) with batteries, JIM Compact meets the most demanding expectations of dismounted operators - including Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).

Safran Electronics & Defense has integrated new revolutionary functionalities:

  • 24/7 Observation and Target Location – through the integration of a new Low Light Level Channel in addition to a Color Day Thermal Channel
  • See Spot - to visualize laser pointers and laser target designators without adding supplementary weight and workload for operators
  • Multimedia and Connectivity - allowing to share information in real-time with other combat units or higher level systems using an Ethernet LAN

For these reasons, JIM Compact offers the best performance-to-weight ratio of any device in its class - considerably increasing combat effectiveness in all environments.



JIM Compact provides top-end situational awareness during all the day and night thanks to the integration of three complementary long range video channels: Cooled Thermal (IR), Color Day, and Low Light Level (LLL).

From Color Day to Low Light

Jim Compact Color Jim Compact Low light

From Low Light to Thermal

Jim Compact Low light Jim Compact Thermal

From Color Day to Thermal

Jim Compact Color Day Jim Compact Thermal