Instrumentation and flight test telemetry for aircraft

With an extensive expertise as an equipment to full turnkey solution provider, Safran Data Systems provides the best customer support for flight test campaigns, both in the air and on the ground. 


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Flight test instrumentation and telemetry


In the field of flight test instrumentation and telemetry, Safran Data Systems provides sensors signal conditioning, acquires data with high accuracy, records raw and processed data with the highest reliability, transmits them to the ground without any losses, receives records and processes on the ground.

From airborne data acquisition units (HEIM brand), recorders, switches, transmitters to ground antennas, receivers, recorders managed by a complete software suite including data processing, Safran Data Systems provides a complete range of solutions for instrumentation and flight test telemetry. 

Safran Data Systems has the experience and know-how to provide solutions either as separated equipment or as a complete integrated system solution tuned for the specific needs of a project.

Safran Data Systems offers a complete range of solutions from airborne data acquisition units to a fully capable software:

  • Sensors, Digital Data & Video Ruggedized Acquisition Units: XMA, XMA-BOX, XMA-ROTOR, MDR (HEIM brand) 
  • Airborne & ground recorders: MDR, MDR-GT, GMDR 
  • Gateways: IRIG 106 Chapter 4 and 7, switches
  • Airborne telemetry transmitters: DTRDM, TRX, TRS
  • Ground telemetry antennas: Sparte 300, Sparte 500, Sparte 700, Comtrack
  • Telemetry receivers : RTR, RX-1, BSS
  • Telemetry recorders: GMDR, RSR
  • Flight test software suite: eZ Software Suite (eZ SetUp, eZ Processing, eZ Operation, eZ EU Server)
  • Modules : Bus Modules, Analog Modules, Video Modules, Telemetry Modules, Distributed System Links
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