Sagem Avionics ICDS 8A Glass Cockpit for the SKYe SH09

Grand Prairie, Texas, March 4, 2013

Sagem Avionics Inc. (Safran) announces that the ICDS 8A PFD/EMS glass cockpit will be installed on the SKYe SH09 helicopter of Marenco Swisshelicopter AG. The ICDS 8A PFD/EMS glass cockpit benefits helicopter owners by increasing situational awareness through customizable engine displays with intuitive LED interfaces.

The ICDS 8A incorporates many features such as a customizable, fully configurable user defined checklist, display of primary flight and navigational information, engine management data, pop-up engines with display in split map/engine screen mode, optional video display allows for Camera, FLIR and VGA inputs, custom user databases (operators can supply data points for moving map), options for storm scope, data recording capabilities, traffic awareness system display interfaces, and improved fuel management function.

A unique feature of the installation is that it is the first interface to the Honeywell HTS900-2 1D FADEC engine. The ICDS 8A will read 21 channels of FADEC data, as well as 38 channels of other airframe and engine parameters.

Thierry Derrien, President & CEO of Sagem Avionics, Inc. stated, "We are very pleased to have been selected for the Marenco SKYe SH09 helicopter glass cockpit program. The opportunity to have Sagem glass installed on an OEM program is aligned with our business model and will ensure ICDS success in the near future."

EMS: Engine Monitoring System

FADEC: Full Authority Digital Engine Control

ICDS: Integrated Cockpit Display System

MFD: Multi-Function Display

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

PFD: Primary Flight Display

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Sagem Avionics, Inc. a company incorporated in the US with headquarters in Dallas, Texas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagem, a Safran group company. Sagem Avionics, Inc. provides high quality avionics products and services to Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 aircraft and helicopters. These include technical support, MRO services, and marketing and sales of Sfim, Arnav, Aviac and Sagem commercial aerospace products including integrated cockpit display systems, helicopter autopilot systems, flight control components, aircraft condition and monitoring systems, and flight operations quality assurance software.
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Marenco Swisshelicopter AG is the result of combining the engineering expertise of Marenco Ltd. and a team of highly qualified helicopter specialists. Founded in 2007 for the direct purpose of developing and commercializing new concepts of light turbine helicopters. Marenco Swisshelicopter has developed a new helicopter, the SKYe SH09, built with a design that concentrates on the key notion of competitive superiority, modularity, advanced ergonomics and with the integration of the best choices of materials and equipment.
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