Sagem à Defexpo 2012

(Version anglaise uniquement) Sagem (company of the Safran Group) is working close to the Indian forces, the DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation), and the industries of the aerospace and defence sector. Part of several major military programs in India, the company supplies navigation, avionics and optronics systems for air, land and sea combat platforms, including combat aircraft and helicopters.

Proud to be present at Defexpo 2012, Sagem displays on its stand ( HALL 12 A) a comprehensive range of equipments and solutions for intelligence, surveillance, targeting, navigation, engagement and combat :

AASM precision guided air-to–ground modular armament

The Sagem AASM comprises a guidance kit and range augmentation kit integrated on a standard bomb. It exists in three versions: GPS/INS, GPS/INS and infrared, GPS/INS and laser, the latest to engage mobile targets with outstanding accuracy. AASM includes 125, 250, 500 and 1,000 kg versions. Day or night, all weather, AASM can be released at low altitude and can also be fired off-axis. Its range exceeds 60 km. In 2009, the French MoD awarded Sagem a contract for 3,400 AASMs. AASM has been intensively used during NATO operation Unified Protector by Rafale omnirole fighters against high value targets, for close air support missions in time sensitive targeting mode, and for the destruction of enemy air defenses.

VIGY Observer

A new day/night surveillance system developed by Sagem, VIGY Observer is mainly designed for light ships. Installed on a gyro-stabilized platform, it integrates a 3rd -generation IR sensor, color TV camera with zoom, and an eye safe laser rangefinder.

SIGMA 30 and SIGMA 40

Sagem Ring-laser gyro for combat platforms, SIGMA INS offers a high level of performance in severe environments. SIGMA 30 is dedicated for artillery systems. It is combat proven on the CAESAR artillery system. Designed for naval platforms, SIGMA 40, thanks to its modular architecture, is ideal for the modernization of existing vessels. SIGMA 40 XP is the dedicated version to submarines. Sigma 40 familly is in service with more than 300 ships of more than 30 navies. It has been selected to modernise the French nuclear attack submarines and the SSk of the Republic of Korea Navy.

FELIN & Sword

A integrated system for the dismounted soldier, FELIN is currently fielded in the French Army: six regiments being operational end of 2011, a total of 22 600 systems being planned. Aiming sight for the soldier, Sword is an optronic equipment that can improve significantly firing precision and detection of the dismounted soldiers. Sword aiming sights are in full scale production for the FELIN program of the French Army. WASP and CM3. WASP and CM3 are optronic equipments and aiming sights that can improve operational effectiveness of light combat vehicles. Sagem is the main contractor of the FELIN program.


Sagem JIM LR is a day-night thermal imager that integrates GPS, eye-safe laser rangefinder and North seeker. JIM LR is interoperable with C2 systems. More than 4,500 JIM LR are in service or on order, especially NATO forces, including more than 2,000 by French forces. JIM LR is combat proven. JIM LR has just been selected by the British Army.

Meet us at HALL 12 A !

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