Challenger 604 Added to the Wayfarer/Sagem C-FOQA Service

May 13, 2010 Grand Prairie, TX

Sagem Avionics (Safran group) of Grand Prairie, Texas and Wayfarer Aviation, Inc. of Purchase, New York, announced today the addition of a Challenger 604 to the Wayfarer/Sagem C-FOQA service. A major benefit of the Wayfarer/Sagem C-FOQA service is that it is flexible enough to adapt to the nuances of different aircraft types and flight operations. The combined experience of Wayfarer and Sagem produces an easy implementation for the operator, as well as truthful and accurate flight data analysis.

"Safety is first and foremost at Wayfarer Aviation, Inc. and implementing the C-FOQA Program enhances the level of safety we provide to all of our clients. The data generated enables the evaluation of our training and to achieve industry leading practices and substantial savings for our clients," said Sheryle Milligan, Vice President of Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance at Wayfarer Aviation, Inc. "We selected Sagem based on their ability to satisfy our operational, regulatory and client requirements,"

"C-FOQA program data represents a source of valuable information that, when used appropriately, will assist Wayfarer Aviation, Inc. in identifying and addressing operational deficiencies and trends that are not generally detectable with other procedures," said Captain Joseph O'Connor, Client Aviation Manager at Wayfarer Aviation, Inc.

The Sagem AGS is the preeminent Flight Data Analysis Software package with over 300 users worldwide.

Wayfarer is a premier aircraft management and charter firm of various aircraft types ranging from Gulfstream, Global Express, Falcon, Challenger, Learjet, Hawker-Beechcraft, and Cessna.


About Sagem Avionics, Inc.

Sagem Avionics, Inc. a company incorporated in the US with headquarters in Dallas, Texas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagem, a Safran group company. Sagem Avionics, Inc. provides high quality avionics products and services to Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 aircraft and helicopters. These include technical support, MRO services, and marketing and sales of Sfim, Arnav, Aviac and Sagem commercial aerospace products including integrated cockpit display systems, helicopter autopilot systems, flight control components, aircraft condition and monitoring systems, and flight operations quality assurance software.

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