Safran Electronics & Defense Actuation - A world leader in electromechanical actuators, motors and sensors for aeronautical and military applications

Safran Electronics & Defense Actuation is an international equipment provider offering a complete range of products and solutions highly customized to meet stringent technical requirements for aeronautical and military customers.

  • Electromechanical actuators, motors and sensors:

We design, develop, qualify and manufacture specific solutions fitted for hostile environment in the aeronautical, military, nuclear and space markets.

We manufacture a wide range of electrical motors (AC/DC, brushless, asynchronous, fixes or variable frequency).

We have a strong experience for actuation in core markets such as cockpit seat applications, flight controls (Trim actuators and HTTA), motorization of fluid systems embedded (fuel, oil, water), motorization of windshield wiper, actuation of cargo and passenger opening doors, landing gear door locking and nacelle opening.   

We are delivering solutions for the most challenging environments. We offer a depth of experience unparalleled in the aerospace industry, upon which our customers can rely.

Our activity is located in Auxerre, France.

  • ​Actuation systems for Cabin premium seats:

. We are fully dedicated to offer the ultimate passenger experience on business and first class seats.

We offer a complete range of engineered products including a family of electronic control boxes, interface boxes, linear and rotary actuators, pneumatic systems, electrical harnesses, reading lights and comfort device solutions.

Our product line provides maximum flexibility to seat manufacturers, lower cost of ownership to airlines, and enhanced experience to passengers.

Safran Electronics & Defense Actuation is leading the cabin market for decades. Our products are flying on every major airline worldwide, from over 90,000 premium seat actuation systems in service today.

The latest family of actuation is named SEATNET ELITE

Our activity is located in La Courneuve, France


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