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Safran Electronics & Defense, a Safran high-tech company, holds world or European leadership positions in optronics, avionics, electronics and critical software for both civil and military markets. Safran Electronics & Defense is the No. 1 company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems (INS) used in air, land and naval applications. It is also the world leader in helicopter flight controls and the European leader in optronics and tactical UAV systems. Operating across the globe through the Safran international network, Safran Electronics & Defense and its subsidiaries employ 8,161 people in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.

CEO of Safran Electronics & Defense: Martin Sion
Employees: 8,161* (as of Dec. 31, 2018)

Head office: Safran Electronics & Defense - Site Farman - Bâtiment Paris - 72-76 rue Henry Farman  - 75015 PARIS - France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 55 60 38 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 55 60 38 95

* including Safran Electronics & Defense and its international subsidiaries 


Martin Sion

Bruno Vazzoler
Avionics Division

Frédéric Mazzanti
Defense Division

Jean-Paul Trabis

Pierre Syx
Economic and Financial Affairs

Charlotte Matringe

Raphaëlle Giovannetti
Human Resources

Denis Saladin

Eric Froger

Pascal Joseph
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Olivier Ruas
Strategy, Innovation & Technology

Renaud Blech
Digital Transformation & Improvement


Safran Electronics & Defense's Quality Policy is aimed at involving the company in a process of continual improvement, crucial for reaching its goals of excellence for products and services and, thus, providing customer satisfaction.

This policy focuses on five areas of priority, defined in consistency with the Safran Group values, applied in all the different company sectors:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Company quality culture
  • Development quality
  • Product / process robustness
  • Supplier quality and supply chain

Company quality and deployment of the quality policy are based on a Quality Management System and internal processes.

Quality Management System

The Quality Management System is based on an organization, in charge of developing the company according to its strategic goals, and on processes aimed at developing a continual improvement approach. The QMS is also formalized in a structural set of reference documents making it possible to conduct projects in compliance with standards, as well as capitalize on company know-how and guide its improvement-oriented approach. Safran Electronics & Defense is organized into line management - three divisions and staff management. Quality management, also structured in consistency with the company's operational organization, is in charge of guaranteeing the quality of products delivered to customers, the respect and improvement of processes, and offering shared methods and tools for quality.

The top goal, developed in the quality improvement plans drawn up per division and per product line, is to deliver quality products within the scheduled time period. These improvement plans incorporate how to deal with non-quality faster, assess whether processes and guidelines are respected, take into account experience feedback, as well as how to improve the reliability of industrial processes, reinforce the quality of industrializations and optimize manufacturing cycles.

The development of methods and quality training for teams is a key success factor in Safran Electronics & Defense core activities, involving a high degree of highly skilled labor. The implementation of proven methods of Corrective and Preventive Actions (PDCA, 8D, FMECA Product/Process, HAT/HASS, Lean-Sigma, etc.) make it possible to foresee problems and, if need be, identify them and solve them quickly.

Safran Electronics & Defense uses quality guidelines set out in manuals, process description documents, procedures and instructions, based on international standards (ISO9001, EN9100 and EN9110). The organization of these various components is presented in the company Quality Manual, and for Civil Aviation regulations in the Production Organization Manual (POM) and the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE).

Certificates and accreditations

Safran Electronics & Defense holds a great number of certifications attesting the compliance of its Quality Management System with international Best Practices, notably according to EN9100 (ASD standard - Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), AQAP2110 (NATO Allied Quality Assurance Publications standard) and ISO9001 (according to ISO - International Standardization Organization) standards.

Safran Electronics & Defense is also certified in its specific fields of activity by aviation safety agencies (European, American, Canadian and Chinese, etc.)


Safran Electronics & Defense Certificates


EN9100:2018 : QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations N° FR065481-1
EN9110:2018 : QMS- Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations N° FR065483-1
AQAP2110 (éd. D : 2016) : NATO Quality assurance requirements for design, development and production N° FR065485-1
ISO9001:2015 : QMS - Requirements N° FR065479-1
NADCAP : acknowledgement to AC7120 standard : Circuit Card Assemblies (Fougères) N° 10651189022



Safran Electronics & Defense Accreditations


Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21G N° FR.21G.0116
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 N° FR.145.0181
Europe EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21E N°AP298
Europe EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21O N°AP056
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° U78Y370Y
China  CAAC (Chine) - CCAR-145 N° F03300512
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 573 N° 808-01 (consult
France  DSAE (France) - EMAR/FR-145 N° EMAR/FR-145-062
France DGA (France) - FRA21G N°FRA21G-021-DGA
France DGAC (France) – Partie 21 N°DGAC.PRG.0007
France DGA (France) - FRA21J N°FRA21J-017-DGA


Certificates and accreditations held by Safran Electronics & Defense subsidiaries

Safran Electronics & Defense Actuation / Auxerre

Blank EN9100:2018 : SMQ - Exigences pour les Organismes de l'Aéronautique, l'Espace et la Défense N°  FR037424-3
Blank  ISO9001:2015 : SMQ - Exigences N°  FR037423-3
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21G N° FR.21G.0017
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 FR.145.0187
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° U78Y370Y 
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 573

N° 813-29 (consult



- Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA LLC / Costa Mesa

Blank  AS 9100 D - QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations N° US010695-3
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° E7AR565J

- Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA LLC / Grand Prairie

Blank  AS 9100 D - QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations N° US011483-3
Blank  AS 9110 C - QMS- Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations N° US011654-3
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° SVUR684K
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 N° EASA.145.4864
China  CAAC (Chine) - CCAR-145 N° F00100770

- Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Pty Ltd

Blank  ISO 9001:2015 - QMS - Requirements N° AU003965-1


Safran Electronics & Defense Brazil

Google (Android 11) ANAC (Brésil) – RBCA-145 N° 160342/ANAC

- Safran Electronics & Defense Canada Inc. / Peterborough

Blank  AS 9100 D - QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations N° CA002603-3
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 561 N° 154-92
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 573 N° 154-92
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 N° EASA.145.7096
China  CAAC (Chine) - CCAR-145

N° F01100719


Safran Electronics & Defense Cockpit Solution / Montreuil


 EN9100:2018 : SMQ - Exigences pour les Organismes de l'Aéronautique, l'Espace et la Défense    

N° FR036047-3
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21O N°AP421
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21G N°FR.21G.0014
France DGA (France) - FRA21G N°FRA21G-022-DGA

- Safran Electronics & Defense Germany GmbH / Murr

Blank  ISO 9001:2015 - SMQ - Systèmes de management de la qualité - Exigences N° 81013665/3
Blank  AS 9100 D - SMQ - Exigences pour les Organismes de l'Aéronautique, l'Espace et la Défense N° 881013009/3
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21G N° DE.21G.0116
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 N° DE.145.0231
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° S71Y596Y
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 573 818-19 (consult

- Safran Electronics & Defense Services Asia Pte Ltd / Singapore

Blank  ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D N° 141583-2013-AQ-SGP-ANAB
Singapore  CAAS (Singapore) - SAR-145 N° AWI/159
Europe  EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-145 N° EASA.145.0094
USA  FAA (USA) - 14 CFR Part-145 N° L28Y128O
Canada  TCCA (Canada) - CAR 573 N° 5015-18408
China  CAAC (China) - CCAR-145 N° F06500279
Vietnam  CAAV (Vietnam) - VAR Part-5 N° VN-109NN/CAAV
Malaysia  CAAM (Malaysia) - Airworthiness Notice 6501 N° FAMO/2016/08
Thailand  CAAT (Thailand) - CAAT Foreign Repair Station N° 220/2541
Indonesia  DGCA (Indonesia) - CASR Part-145 N° 145F - 938

JCAB (Japan)

N° CAAS/MOA/2020/0587


Safran Data Systems / Courtaboeuf

Blank  EN9100:2018 : SMQ - Exigences pour les Organismes de l'Aéronautique, l'Espace et la Défense N° FR041911-2
  AQAP2110 (éd. D : 2016) : Exigences OTAN d'assurance de la qualité pour la conception, le développement et la production N° FR048289-2
Europe EASA (Europe) - EASA Part-21G N°FR.21G.0261

Safran Data Systems Gmbh / Bergish

Blank EN9100:2018 : QMS - Requirements  N° DE010704-1 

- Safran Reosc / St Pierre du Perray

Blank  ISO 9001:2015 - QMS - Requirements N° FR044491-1

Parachute Industries of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

Blank  ISO 9001:2015 - QMS - Requirements N°AU003965-1

Gender Equality

Safran Electronics & Defense rating: 94/100

Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women.

Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise.

Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion.

Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave.

Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions.


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