Braking parachutes and evacuation systems

Safran Electronics & Defense designs and produces braking parachutes and evacuation systems for crew members and pilots using ejection seats. The company's vast R&D capabilities allow it to develop solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs.


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Ultra reliable


As a pioneer in the braking parachute market, Safran Electronics & Defense outfits a wide range of military aircraft, from fighters to bombers. In addition to parachutes produced to spec, especially for the F-16 and B-52, Safran Electronics & Defense has its own in-house development facilities. For instance, the company designed the braking parachutes for the Mirage III and Mirage 2000 fighter families.

Safran Electronics & Defense also makes parachutes for crews and for pilots using ejection seats. It supplies integrated harnesses, and the main and drogue parachutes for all French military aircraft, as well as parachutes for crews on the B-52 bomber and the Hercules transport aircraft. Safran Electronics & Defense's solutions are recognized for their reliability and performance. 


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