Regardless of the theater of operation, armed forces require ever more versatile devices that offer surgical precision. For this reason, Safran Electronics & Defense designs, produces and provides support for infrared or multimodal missile guidance seekers. They operate using several cutting-edge technologies: optronics, inertial sensors, and critical electronics. To further improve the effectiveness of these seekers, which can be adapted to any type of missile, Safran offers image processing programs and platform stabilization systems.


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MICA IR seekers

Developed and produced by Safran Electronics & Defense, the Mica IR seeker is a key to the missile's operational effectiveness. Furthermore, the seeker also functions as a sensor providing tactical information to the flight crew, because of its high sensitivity, powerful imaging algorithms, bispectral imagery, automatic acquisition of all targets, ability to lock-on before or after firing, discrimination between targets and countermeasures.

MISTRAL seekers

The MISTRAL seeker has been designed to fulfil the specific requirements of modern ground to air missiles and is now in service within the French Armed Forces and in about twenty foreign countries.
It provides high detection probability of air threats such as fighters and helicopters, and efficient infrared countermeasures rejection.

MMP seekers

The MMP seeker, developed by the team of Safran Electronics & Defense and MBDA, provides target acquisition and tracking via an uncooled infrared channel or a visible wavelength channel. It incorporates an inertial reference unit (IRU) designed and built by Safran, which provides information to both the seeker and the missile itself for navigation and flight control. 

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