Usable from greater and greater safety distances, with unrivaled ease of use, the air-to-ground modular weapon (AASM) "Hammer", developed by Safran Electronics & Defense, enables extremely accurate strikes. The AASM is an autonomous unjammable interoperable modular device which utilizes leverages a range of guidance kits (INS/GPS, INS/GPS/Infrared and INS/GPS/Laser). The AASM has been tested in numerous recent theaters and delivers an excellent cost/effectiveness ratio.


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The hybrid inertial/GPS layout is the standard guidance mode for coordinates. Once the coordinates have been entered in the weapon, the inertial guidance system enable it to hit the target without requiring a GPS signal, if it is unavailable. This version is designated the SBU-38 Hammer (Smart Bomb Unit).
The AASM's modularity allows it to be used on 125, 250, 500 and 1000kg bomb bodies. Its engine provides it with range greater than 50km, meaning it can be fired at a standoff distance. Autonomous after it has been dropped, it can be used at low altitudes, cross hilly terrain or veer sharply from the firing aircraft.

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