Seekers & Weapons

Safran Electronics & Defense's range of smart air-to-ground weapons and its multimode/infrared seeker solutions satisfy the needs of air forces and offer an excellent cost/effectiveness ratio. High-performance, reliable and competitive, these interoperable "combat proven" solutions benefit from Safran’s expertise in guided weapons and seekers.

Safran Electronics & Defense's missile guidance solutions adapt to all your aerial attack missions, with a very high level effectiveness. Based on unique operational experience, Safran's know-how extends from the design of the solution to its integration in the missile.

The AASM (Modular Air-to-Ground Weapon in French), developed by Safran for combat aircraft, combines precision, maneuverability, safety and modularity. Fired from a distance at fixed or moving targets, the AASM has several guidance solutions for greater versatility.

Safran's infrared or multimode missile guidance kits adapt to your various weapons, both air-to-air and air-to-surface. These guidance solutions benefit from Safran's expertise in key technologies: inertial sensor units, infrared sensor units, semi-active laser units, image processing, decoy discrimination, real-time processing, etc.

Safran's seekers are fitted on MICA IR, AASM and Magic 1 and 2, and on the future FASGW. Several versions of the AASM are currently used on the Rafale.


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