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European leader in the field of tactical drones, Safran Electronics & Defense is developing a family of long-endurance surveillance systems that can be adapted to your intelligence, reconnaissance and tactical support missions. The multi-sensor drone system is scalable and modular and employs the highest performance solutions both for the onboard equipment and the control station on the ground.

To design and develop the long endurance Patroller™ drone, Safran Electronics & Defense relied on its perfect mastery of key technologies for these systems such as flight control, inertial navigation, optronic systems, avionics, onboard electronics and secure transmission of data and images.

The multi-mission drone system is modular, reliable, robust and silent, and incorporates Safran's experience in supporting tactical drone operations with armed forces and security forces.

The system's open architecture allows it to integrate and combine a large variety of sensors and employs the highest performance solutions:

  • the Euroflir 410 optronic pod provides high resolution images and very precise location of observed targets,
  • synthetic aperture radar (SAR), maritime surveillance radar, laser rangefinder, laser designator, intelligence-gathering sensors or electronic warfare sensors (COMINT, ELINT) for more effective surveillance.

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Safran demonstrates Patroller drone’s ability to operate in civilian airspace

Safran Electronics & Defense demonstrated a complete anti-collision function during flights, one of the keys to integrating drones in a civilian airspace shared with manned aircraft.
The "see and avoid" system developed by Safran and integrated in the Patroller's control system, combines traffic detection sensors, including an infrared optronic (electro-optical) sensor, and an automatic risk collision estimation and avoidance flightpath generation module.

During the flight tests, this system was successfully operated using different conflict scenarios with a "dummy" aircraft provided by ENAC, thus enabling Patroller to detect the risk of a collision and avoid it, without requiring an operator. 

  • 19,000
    thermal imagers delivered
  • 27,000
    gyros produced each year
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