Equipment for space

The leader in high-performance space optics, Safran develops cutting-edge solutions for satellites: telescopes, dioptric optics, special components and test equipment. Safran Electronics & Defense puts all its expertise in defense electronics into designing navigation systems and electronic and hybrid solutions. From design to component integration, Safran makes use of its expertise to benefit the space industry.

Safran Reosc Optics:

To observe the Earth and space, Safran Reosc develops complete telescopes and specific optics: conventional space telescopes and three-mirror anastigmatic telescopes (TMAs), lightweight and super lightweight mirrors, dioptric optics, filters, etc. Safran Reosc has received space certification, and over 150 of their optics are in orbit today. Thanks to the materials they use (glass-ceramics, silicon carbide, carbon fiber) and technologies they employ (diamond milling, polishing, super-lightening, attachment techniques, etc.), Safran Reosc is able to offer you innovative solutions that are lighter and perform better. Safran Reosc also designs and produces test equipment such as master segments and very high precision collimators, making it possible to control the effectiveness of the optical payload from the ground. Safran Reosc masters optical thin-film technology for space applications, and offers large-scale metallic coatings and anti-reflectivecoatings, coatings specific to infrared optics in cryogenic environments, structured 2D coatings for multi-hyperspectral imaging and specific applications.  

Safran Electronics & Defense

Calling upon its mastery of inertial technologies, Safran Electronics & Defense produces high performance navigation systems for satellites: Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope (HRG) sensors. Its expertise in the fields of aeronautics and defense enable it to also offer electronic and hybrid solutions that have been tested and certified for use in space: onboard electronics, complete solutions, rotating machines, components for harsh environments, etc.

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Exploration & Discovery

Safran Electronics & Defense is the world leader in highperformance optics and a long-standing partner to astronomy organizations in France, Europe and around the world. Day after day, we contribute to scientific progress, by supplying solutions ranging from single components to complete systems.

We develop and produce very-high-precision optical, opto-mechanical and electronic solutions for the defense, astronomy, research and manufacturing sectors.

  • 19,000
    thermal imagers delivered
  • 27,000
    gyros produced each year
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