Navigation systems for satellites

Accurate control of the orientation of a satellite in space is a major factor in the success and effectiveness of its mission. Thanks to its unique expertise in gyrostabilization and precision optics, Safran Electronics & Defense supplies various high-performance navigation systems and equipment for space applications. 

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High-performance inertial navigation systems


Reduced mass and low energy consumption are a constant concern for the designers of navigation systems for satellites. Thanks to its mastery of inertial technologies, Safran Electronics & Defense offers two families of navigation systems: Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscopes (HRG) and sun sensors. With low mass and low energy consumption, they provide higher performance.

  • Safran Electronics & Defense HRG sensors are designed based on a new component formula offering a competitive performance/cost ratio.
  • The optical modules in Safran sun sensors constitute particularly reliable, efficient attitude control systems. They are used to determine the direction of the sun during preliminary orbital positioning maneuvers of the satellite. 

Safran Electronics & Defense Hemispherical resonator gyroscopes (HRG) are perfectly adapted to applications requiring extremely precise navigation and guidance:

  • flight-qualified
  • significantly fewer parts
  • extremely precise software modeling
  • reduction in opto-mechano-physico-chemical complexity
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