Navigation systems for space

Accurate navigation and control of the orientation in space is a major factor in the success and effectiveness of its mission. Thanks to its unique expertise, Safran Electronics & Defense supplies various high-performance navigation systems and equipment for space applications.


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SpaceNaute: High-performance navigation systems for space application


Reduced mass and low energy consumption without any loss on safety are a constant concern for the designers of navigation systems. Thanks to its mastery of technologies, Safran Electronics & Defense offers navigation systems through the SpaceNaute family:

  • Based on the Safran Electronics & Defense HRG (Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscopes ) SpaceNaute could address IMUs and space navigation systems with the best performances in the market targeting all missions from SSO to GTO+ and space exploration.

Safran Electronics & Defense Hemispherical resonator gyroscopes (HRG) are perfectly adapted to applications requiring extremely precise navigation and guidance:

  • flight-qualified
  • significantly fewer parts
  • extremely precise software modeling
  • reduction in opto-mechano-physico-chemical complexity
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