Electronics & hybrids

Embedded electronics, subassemblies of macro components, elements for harsh environments, revolving machines, etc.: Safran Electronics & Defense offers you high-quality solutions born from our experience in the aerospace sector and proven in harsh environments. This specific industrial expertise enables our solutions to precisely match your needs.

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High-precision solutions


From design through support, Safran Electronics & Defense masters the entire production chain for electronic and hybrid technologies. Our cutting-edge know-how allows the development of high-performance solutions at contained costs adapted to your needs, such as integrated electronic assemblies and near electronics for sensors, obsolescence management and connector technology, resistance to extreme temperatures and radiation, etc. Safran is thus the n°2 European producer of hybrid microelectronic circuits for space applications.


Safran Electronics & Defense offers a range of technological solutions designed for high performance:

  • Embedded electronics:
    • payload and platform management
    • command control
    • monitoring
    • calculators
  • Macro-component subassemblies:
    • hermetic and non-hermetic microelectronics for
    • low-level power electronics
    • integration technologies
  • Rotating machine (sensor motors) for space mechanisms
  • Harsh environments:
    • mechanical
    • thermal
    • radiation
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