Health Monitoring for military aircraft

Maximum operational availability of combat and military transport aircraft is a major expectation of armed forces staff. Safran Electronics & Defense's engine health monitoring enables you to limit malfunctions and schedule preventive maintenance operations. 

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Health monitoring for military aircraft engines


The purpose of Safran's health monitoring is to anticipate engine maintenance. Embedded in the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), this solution allows the recording and storage of all the engine parameters (shaft vibration measurements, actuator response times, etc.) during the flight even in extreme conditions. Once the aircraft returns to base, these measurements are analyzed to establish the state of wear of the main engine components and schedule any replacements or repairs.


Safran's health monitoring has upgradeable, modular monitoring tools. In particular it guarantees:

  • reduced maintenance costs
  • improved operating costs
  • improved turbine performances
  • maximum machine availability
  • optimum comfort (minimum vibrations)
  • reduced consumption
  • better respect for the environment
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