Engine controls for military aircraft

Controlling and monitoring engines in military combat and transport aircraft under operational conditions is of crucial strategic importance. The engine control units form part of Safran Electronics & Defense's FADEC range (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and provide reliable, high performance interfaces that can withstand the harshest of environments.

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Our engine control units

Engine controls

Safran's engine control units have multiple advantages:

  • precise metering of turbojet thrust,
  • synchronization of turboprop propeller speed and pitch,
  • electronic turboprop overspeed protection,
  • reduced pilot workload.

By processing the data in real time, these systems are capable of very high levels of performance. Our systems are especially robust and resistant to electromagnetic interference, high temperatures and vibration. The integrated electronic architecture also provides essential maintenance and diagnostic functions.

Safran's engine control units are the perfect answer to its customers' precise requirements. For example, Safran developed two custom single-channel units for the M88-2 aboard the Rafale and a dual-channel unit (one active and one back-up) for the TP400-D6 on the Airbus Military A400M, integrating a world first: propeller control. 


Engine control units tailored to your requirements:

  • 2 x 9.1 kg/13 liters - energy dissipation: 80W (M88-2)
  • 25kg/39.7 liters (TP 400-D6)
  • engine management actuator control
  • standard electronic components tested to ensure they can withstand hostile environments
  • digital architecture combining several processors and FPGAs
  • high density circuit boards
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