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Inertial navigation is one of the core areas of expertise developed by Safran Electronics & Defense over more than 70 years, particularly in the military arena. Safran is one of the sole players in the sector with a perfect mastery of all the associated technologies: gyroscopes, gyrometers, accelerometers, integrated GPS receivers, electronics (ASICs), navigation data processing, etc. Safran has concentrated their expertise into two inertial navigation systems (SIGMA 95N and GADIRS), to best meet your operational needs. They combine great reliability, high precision (short- and long-term) and extreme robustness.

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GADIRS Navigation System

GADIRS (GPS Air Data & Inertial Reference System) is a hybrid triplex navigation system with a high level of security and integrity. Designed to meet the future needs of military transport aircraft, it can be used to carry out all tactical or strategic military air transport missions in hostile environments.
Developed and produced by Safran, the GADIRS system is based on three hybrid INSs. It contains anti-jam radionavigation functions and uses the latest technologies, such as GPS SAASM. Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna ensures a high level of protection from accidental or intentional electromagnetic interference. Selected by Airbus for the A400M, the GADIRS is also certified to civilian standards.

Sigma 95L Inertial Navigation System

The Sigma 95L is a compact INS designed for aircraft (fixed & rotary wings) that require a light and small-size navigation system with an excellent performance level. It is particularly adapted to MALE UAVs and POD applications.
With an integrated Safran Electronics & Defense-designed GPS receiver, the Sigma 95L can be used as an autonomous Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), or as a full size INS, provides optimal performance and excellent robustness thanks to advanced inertial/GPS integration.
Sigma 95L offers different levels of performance and several modes of alignment to adapt to the different operational needs of users. 

Sigma 95N Inertial Navigation System

Sigma 95N is a high-performance navigation system designed for most demanding aeronautic applications that require high navigation and guidance accuracy.
The Sigma 95N INS is based upon three highly accurate digital laser gyroscopes. It is equipped with a GPS or GPS/Glonass receiver and makes use of a powerful multimode Kalman filter to optimize performance by hybridizing inertial and satellite data. It can also integrate NATO's new Selective Availability/Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) and in the close future, the Europe's upcoming Gallileo system. Its open design and versatile interfaces multi-standard (Mil-Std-1553B, Arinc, Gost, etc.) allow easy integration in all types of avionic configurations and platforms.

SkyNaute: new hybrid navigation system

Designed to deliver the best data integrity for trajectory management, SkyNaute sets the new standard for cost-effective and Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) oriented solution.
Perfectly suited to civil and military aircrafts, SkyNaute brings:

  • Protection levels for RNP/RNP-AR operations
  • High performance Inertial & Piloting data
  • Fly-by-Wire, SVS (Synthetic Vision System) & HUD (Head-Up Display) architecture ready solution
SkyNaute: new hybrid navigation system
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