Modernization and weapons systems

By modernizing avionic systems and integrating the AASM, Safran Electronics & Defense enables armed forces' older aircraft to take advantage of the latest high performance technologies. Safran can integrate the latest generation weapons systems and equipment, and assist you in implementing them through personalized services.

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Modernizing the avionics, AASM weapons system and man-machine interface


To effectively carry out their missions in optimally secure conditions, combat aircraft must have up-to-date systems and equipment. To make your devices more reliable and perform better, Safran offers a modernization and AASM integration service tailored to your operational needs.

Safran has now modernized > 400 aircraft: Mirage III, Mirage V, Mirage F1, Jaguar, etc.


Safran Electronics & Defense has a wide range of systems and equipment, to suit your every need:

  • navigation systems
  • attack systems
  • HUD Heads Up Displays
  • night vision compatible multi-function screens
  • HOTAS (Hands On Throttle-And-Stick) controls
  • digital and optronic equipment:
    • real time computers
    • hybrid GPS/inertial nav systems
    • weapons interfaces
    • data link
    • observation and day/night target designation systems
    • self-protection systems (RWR radar warning receivers, missile approach warning systems, etc.)
    • MARS Mission Preparation System
    • smart, precision AASM air-to-ground weapon system.

Comprehensive services for personalized support:

  • modification design
  • system architecture
  • project management or project management support
  • tests
  • installation support
  • bench integration and validation
  • grnd integration/flight validation
  • assistance with test firing
  • logistical support
    • training    
    • documentation
    • technical assistance​
    • through-life support services
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