Mission planning systems

Safran Electronics & Defense develops mission planning and command systems that meet your operational requirements: secure data management, man-machine interface, 3D rendering, etc. Each solution offers a specific response to your needs, based on complex systems that enable the planning of several network missions, such as SLPRM, or lighter systems, like MARS. Sicops is a secure intranet/extranet-type system that is designed to manage all of your resources in a collaborative manner.


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MARS (Mission Analysis and Restitution System) is Safran Electronics & Defense's mission preparation system used in modernization programs for aircraft involved in all types of missions: air-to-air, air-to-ground, reconnaissance, etc.
The MARS system is used to prepare aircraft missions, from downloading digital cartographic data to creating transfer media or flight documents. It is also used to restitute the mission from the parameters recorded during the flight. With open architecture, MARS contains the latest 3D imaging technologies in an ergonomic interface, using graphic tools that allow the crew to optimally manage the tactical situation and accurately define the profile and feasibility of all types of missions.  

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