Landing Gear for military aircraft

In operation, military aircraft are regularly subjected to take-off and landing in difficult conditions. Safran Electronics & Defense offers braking control units allowing optimum control of all the maneuvers linked to the landing gear.

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Braking and landing control units for military aircraft

Landing Gear

Many functions are linked to the landing gear: tire pressure, brake temperature, extension and retraction of the landing gear, coordinated opening and closing of the doors and the anti-lock braking. To enable you to implement these under the best possible safety conditions, Safran offers braking and landing control solutions. Reliable and effective, even in poor conditions (bad weather, damaged runway, etc.), these monitoring means inform the crew in real time over a range of essential parameters. Safran's braking and landing control units are adaptable to the specific needs of each operator. 


Safran Electronics & Defense's braking and landing control systems are fully modular:

  • tire pressure control
  • brake temperature control
  • slaving of the nose wheel deflection angle
  • anti-lock braking
  • landing gear extension and retraction kinematics control
  • control of the coordinated opening and closing of the doors
  • etc.
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