Inertial systems for military aircraft

Safran Electronics & Defense draws on extensive skills in inertial navigation to deliver inertial navigation systems used in many sub-assemblies for civil and military aircraft.
Safran Electronics & Defense inertial navigation systems are mounted in the cockpit on major civil and military aircraft programs, as well as flight control systems.
Safran Electronics & Defense is the world leader in gyrometers and accelerometers for IMU on Standby Displays, with 80% of market share in civil and military fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

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Capitalizing on Safran Electronics & Defense' 40-year experience in the development of the FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) technologies, these full  IMU (Inertial Measurement Units -three FOG and three servo-looped MEMS accelerometers) provide the full inertial raw information for integration into a guidance, stabilization or navigation system.
Open-frame FMUs (FOG-based IMUs), as well as their packaged versions, are particularly suited for airborne, civil and industrial applications which need to combine safety of operation, high reliability and very low noise.

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