Health Monitoring

Having fully operable machines is very important for operators of civil and military helicopters. With turbine health monitoring, Safran Electronics & Defense provides the information needed to carry out predictive maintenance and improve the availability of machines. 

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Health monitoring: predictive maintenance of helicopter turbines


Keeping the fleet operational whilst achieving operational savings is a key requirement of helicopter operators. Safran's health monitoring allows you to anticipate the risk of turbine failure so as to reduce the number of unnecessary inspections, limit significant repairs, or reduce the cost of unplanned interventions. To this end, health monitoring is based on a PLC which measures vibrations and calculates FFT (Fourrier Function Transfer). This equipment is directly integrated into the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), and determines the wear of a large number of parts so that their replacement can be scheduled.


Safran's health monitoring has upgradeable, modular monitoring tools. In particular it allows:

  • reduced maintenance costs
  • improved operating costs
  • improved turbine performances
  • maximum machine availability
  • optimum comfort (minimum vibrations)
  • reduced consumption
  • respect for the environment
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