Engine controls

During missions, the regulation and monitoring of helicopter turbines are extremely important for safety and effectiveness. With its engine control units integrated into its FADEC range (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), Safran Electronics & Defense offers a high-performance range of single or dual channel digital regulation systems.

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Engine control units for maximum performance

Engine controls

Accurate control of the power of machines according to the operational requirements is essential for civilian and military helicopters alike. Safran's ART and MTR range of engine control units guarantees optimal performance of your turbines in operation. It ensures the expected level of operational safety, even in harsh environments (electromagnetic interference, lightening or high temperatures). Safran engine control solutions also significantly ease pilot workload. They also facilitate maintenance management and diagnostics


Safran's range of engine control units is adapted to all civil or military needs.

  • ART control units:
    • for Turbomeca ARRIUS 1A/1M, MAKILA 1A2/1K2 and TM333 2B2 engines,
    • single-channel turbine engine applications,
    • available in versions using the same equipment base and software,
    • electronic components dedicated to specific functions,
    • additional boards, such as the relay board for the TM333 2B2 engine.

ART control units are fitted on AS 355 Ecureuil, AS 555, AS 532, Super Puma MkII, Rooivalk and DHRUV helicopters.

  • ART2 control units:
    • developed and qualified for the Turbomeca MAKILA 2A turbine engine,
    • dual-channel turbine engine applications,
    • channel-redundant design (improved monitoring capabilities, eliminating some manual commands).

ART2 units are installed on EC 225 and EC 725 Caracal helicopters.

  • MTR390 control unit:
    • for the turbine engine of the same name produced by the MTR consortium (MTU, Turbomeca, Rolls Royce),
    • modular control unit,
    • embedded system that monitors the craft's operation status.

The MTR390 control unit was developed in partnership with Diehl Avionik Systeme. Installed on the Franco-German TIGER helicopter. 

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