Navigation systems

Rescue missions, fire surveillance, emergency preparedness, and even offshore operations on oil platforms: Public service missions and military operations share many common requirements. To meet these needs, Safran Electronics & Defense offers several dedicated solutions such as the SIGMA 95L, a hybrid inertial navigation/GPS system dedicated to rotary wing aircraft. No matter what type of flight conditions your aircraft face, Safran's equipment guarantees them highly accurate autonomous navigation through a device that has been optimized in terms of weight and volume

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Designed to deliver the best data integrity for trajectory management, SkyNaute sets the new standard for cost-effective and Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) oriented solution.
Perfectly suited to civil and military helicopters, SkyNaute brings:

  • Protection levels for RNP/RNP-AR operations
  • High performance Inertial & Piloting data
  • Fly-by-Wire, SVS (Synthetic Vision System) & HUD (Head-Up Display) architecture ready solution
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