Navigation systems

Rescue missions, fire surveillance, emergency preparedness, and even offshore operations on oil platforms: Public service missions and military operations share many common requirements. To meet these needs, Safran Electronics & Defense offers several dedicated solutions such as the SIGMA 95L, a hybrid inertial navigation/GPS system dedicated to rotary wing aircraft. No matter what type of flight conditions your aircraft face, Safran's equipment guarantees them highly accurate autonomous navigation through a device that has been optimized in terms of weight and volume

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Sigma 95N is a high-performance navigation system designed for most demanding aeronautic applications that require high navigation and guidance accuracy.
The Sigma 95N INS is based upon three highly accurate digital laser gyroscopes. It is equipped with a GPS or GPS/Glonass receiver and makes use of a powerful multimode Kalman filter to optimize performance by hybridizing inertial and satellite data. It can also integrate NATO's new Selective Availability/Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) and in the close future, the Europe's upcoming Gallileo system. Its open design and versatile interfaces (Mil-Std-1553B, Arinc, Gost, etc.) allow easy integration in all types of avionic configurations and platforms. 

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