Navigation systems

Rescue missions, fire surveillance, emergency preparedness, and even offshore operations on oil platforms: Public service missions and military operations share many common requirements. To meet these needs, Safran Electronics & Defense offers several dedicated solutions such as the SIGMA 95L, a hybrid inertial navigation/GPS system dedicated to rotary wing aircraft. No matter what type of flight conditions your aircraft face, Safran's equipment guarantees them highly accurate autonomous navigation through a device that has been optimized in terms of weight and volume

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The Sigma 95L is a compact INS designed for aircraft that require a light and small-size navigation system with an excellent performance level.
With an integrated Safran Electronics & Defense-made GPS receiver, the Sigma 95L can also be used as an autonomous Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), which, as a comprehensive INS, provides optimal performance and excellent robustness thanks to advanced inertial/GPS integration.
Sigma 95L offers different levels of performance and several modes of alignment to adapt to the different operational needs of users.
The Sigma 95L INS is used throughout NH Industries' NH90 helicopter program.

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