Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU)

Having fully available machines is very important for operators of civil and military helicopters. with the MFDAU, Safran Electronics & Defense provides you with reliable, high-performance units to record and process flight data. 

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Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Units (MFDAU)

Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU)

Safran's MFDAU are flight data surveillance and monitoring systems. Thanks to avionic sensors, a large number of digital and analog parameters representative of the flight are recorded. This information can be analyzed to improve helicopters operations by allowing you to anticipate potential failures and perform preventive maintenance operations. Assimilated into the FDRS (Flight Data Recording System), the MFDAU and MFDAU++ are used in crash investigations. They are also associated with the HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) giving a better understanding of the way the aircraft are used.


Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Units (MFDAU) are designed to adapt to all helicopter models. They are fitted in EC 135, EC 145, EC 155, EC 225/725 and Sikorsky helicopters.

  • Technical specifications:
    • dimensions: 37.6 x 183 x 306.7 mm
    • weight: 2 kg
    • power: 28 VDC / 28 W
  • Acquisition:
    • analog parameters (DC, AC, potentiometer, synchronization)
    • Discrete input signals
    • ARINC 429 bus
    • frequencies
  • Interface:
    • FDR / SSFDR recorder: ARINC 573
    • DTU: RS 422A
    • pilot control unit: RS 485
    • HUMS: ARINC 429 / RS 422A
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