CVFDR: Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder

Combining a Flight Data and a line of Cockpit Voice (pilot, co-pilot and ambient) recorders in a small and lightweight unit, the CVFDR provides a highly reliable recording solution for helicopters.
Thanks to its increased functionalities, reduced size and weight, and flight data acquired through Helicom V2+, the CVFDR ensures true cost savings.

Compliant with EUROCAE ED-155, the CVFDR will be certified and available in 2018.

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CVFDR: Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder

CVFDR: cockpit voice & flight data recorder

The CVFDR has 3 different modes of operation:

  • Configuration : for ambient microphones configuration
  • Recording : for flight data
  • Reading : Access to recorder data for reading or downloading

Technical specifications:

  • Small size : W120 x D220 x H130
  • Low weight : 3kg
  • 4Go internal memory
  • FDR : 25 hours
  • CVR : 2 hours
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