Helicopter maneuverability relies above all on the reliability and effectiveness of their flight control systems. As the first links in the integrated flight control system chain, Safran Electronics & Defense's APIRS (Aircraft Piloting Inertial Reference System) guarantees you a high level of accuracy and performance.

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Precise, accurate sensors for flight control systems


The autopilot computer determines the movements of the flight controls and pilots the aircraft. To do this, it is fed precise positioning data from the aircraft along three axes: heading, roll, and pitch. These data are collected by the fiber optic gyro (FOG) inertial sensors in Safran's APIRS. Combining reliability, easy installation and in-flight auto-calibration, many helicopters are now equipped with Safran's APIRS. Prominent examples include NH Industries' NH90, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd's ALH and the Eurocopter fleet which is equipped with new avionics (EC135/EC635, EC145, EC155, EC225/EC725). They have logged over 10 million flight hours with vertical gyroscopes (GV 76) and gyromagnetic compasses (CG130 et CG512). 


Safran's APIRS are Civil Aviation QAC/TSO (C4c, C5e, C6d) approved pursuant to DAL A software DO178B standards and DO160C environments.

APIRS F201 is specifically adapted to helicopter flight control systems:

  • AHRU (Attitude & Heading Reference Unit) + RMM (Removable Memory Module) coupled with a magnetometer
  • ARINC 429 (Aeronautical Radio INCorporated) type digital I/O
  • Discrete I/O (Input/Output) Interface
  • Attitudes: 0.5° (static and dynamic flight) - 0.85 (dynamic flight)
  • Heading MG: 1° (inclination <70°)
  • DG Mode <10°/h
  • Angular speed: 0.1°/sec
  • Accelerations: 0.01g
  • MTBF (Mean time between failures) > 10,000 hours
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