Flight controls

Our flight control systems for civil & military helicopters are designed to provide piloting assistance and autopilot functions. Safran Electronics & Defense leverages its recognized expertise and international experience in this field to provide solutions that are tailored to each specific need. The solutions are innovative and modular and combine ease of use and simple installation with excellent reliability to optimize performance costs and keep them in check. These systems are already in use in many aircraft, and have logged over 12 million flight hours worldwide.

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Safran Electronics & Defense's modular and innovative autopilot systems and computers are easy to install and use.
Safran offers solutions meeting the specific needs of each customer: single-axis stability augmentation systems (SAS) and 2, 3 and 4-axis autopilot systems integrating upper and specific modes.
Basic stabilization computers: stabilization on the carrier's 3 axes (pitch, roll, yaw) in a short-term damping mode.
Autopilot computers (AP): long-term stabilization, as well as basic pilot modes (heading, altitude and airspeed hold).
Upper and specific modes associated with the carrier's specific sensors: search and rescue patterns over the sea, Doppler hover hold, radio altimeter altitude hold, VOR/ILS, go around, etc. 

Integrated Cockpit Display Systems (ICDS)

ICDS display all the information required for managing the aircraft in real-time and in the safest conditions. Compact and lightweight, Safran Electronics & Defense ICDS offer better situational awareness and significantly reduce the pilot's workload. Available in 6-, 8- or 10-inch versions, in landscape or portrait mode, they can be adapted to all helicopter cockpit panels, completely replacing conventional instruments. ICDS exists in PFD & MFD/EMS.

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