Indispensable for mandatory flight reports, recording and analysis of flight data, improving operational safety and aircraft maintenance. Safran Electronics & Defense has developed onboard information systems, flight data analysis systems, and maintenance support systems for helicopters that meet your every need.

World renowned in the field of helicopter flight data management, Safran Electronics & Defense helps you analyze onboard information with a comprehensive line of innovative, high-performance equipment. Customizable for any model of aircraft, these systems improve flight safety while optimizing maintenance costs.

  • Aircraft information systems (AIS) record flight data, check the status of onboard equipment, and monitor the parameters needed for aircraft maintenance. These analyses will improve the performance and service lifetime of your helicopters.
  • The Analysis Ground Station (AGS) is a semi-automatic analysis system that processes flight data so that operators and airlines can optimize their fleet management and reduce their operating costs.
  • The unit that records and processes flight data (MFDAU, Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Unit) records multiple data inputs aboard the aircraft. These data, which can be analyzed in real time or later on, provide pilots and operators with precious information.
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