Optronics Sights

During missions carried out by the armed forces, accurate fire is a major issue for combat helicopters. With the optronic sights designed and produced by Safran Electronics & Defense, you have solutions compatible with your models of helicopter, perfectly adapted to the types of missions entrusted to them. The entire range is combat-proven. 

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Modular optronic sights for combat helicopters

Optronics Sights

As all armed forces have very specific requirements for airborne defense, Safran offers fully modular guidance and pointing equipment for helicopters. They are compatible with a wide variety of weapons used on the most recent helicopters - long-range anti-tank missiles, rockets that may be laser guided, medium caliber weapons and Mistral or Stinger air-to-air missiles. Safran provides sights that use the very latest optronic technology. They can be equipped with different sensors, and a laser designator


A full range of sensors:

  • visible and/or near infrared CCD TV camera
  • passive 3-5 or 8-12um thermal imagers
  • telemeter
  • laser pointer
  • laser designator or illuminator
  • laser spot tracker

A range of optronic sights:

  • Strix sight
    • HAP EC665 Tiger helicopters
    • HAD EC665 Tiger helicopters
  • Strix HA sight (laser designator)
    • ARH Tiger helicopters (army reconnaissance)
  • Osiris sight
    • multi-role UHT helicopters
  • Viviane sights
    • SA342 Gazelle helicopters (anti-tank)

Safran also produces sights and gyrostabilized optronic pods, qualified on Eurocopter AS532 Cougar, EC725 Caracal, NH90, AS565 Panther and Denel AH-2 Rooivalk.

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